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Join our userbase and test our software 14 days for free.
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100+ Templates

With a single click, you can open 100+ reports and they will be filled with your company's data.

Calculate own KPIs

Additionally, you can create your own reports with complex logic specified to your own need.


You can create plannings based on cashflow, products, projects and more.



sproutAnalytics For SMBs

sproutAnalytics is the most powerful analytics solution for small to medium-sized enterprises.

  • Your company at a glance

  • Comprehensive reports

  • Analysis, controlling, planning and forecasting


sproutAnalytics for Tax Advisors

sproutAnalytics allows you to help your clients with analysis, controlling, planning and forecasting.

  • Provide your clients with insightful dashboards

  • Create own Dashboard templates and KPIs

  • Achieve better customer loyalty



sproutFolio is a flexible and powerful portfolio tracker for stocks, cryptos and others.

  • All your assets in one palce

  • Performance tracking and comparisons

  • Dividend & cashflow overview